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Solving The #1 Problem When Building Muscle

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Question: Ben, please identify the number one training mistake that would be preventing individuals from achieving maximal muscle gains and the solution you lay out in your MI40

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Answer: Mistake number one is never knowing what the right amount of exhaustion is

Have you ever left the gym wondering if you could have done more? could you have pushed more reps? I know i have been there. Heck, there has even been days when I contemplated going back in the gym because I just didn’t KNOW that my muscles were exhausted. Nobody likes that.

Wasting time is not the option you would have hoped for.

Here is the next cutting edge intensifier in muscle building that I introduce in my MI40

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program: NOS

NOS stands for Neurological Overload Set. The set that overloads the body and creates the optimal hormonal environment for growth inside the muscle!

Hormones like testosterone, growth hormone, IGF-1 are responsible for growth. The best way to stimulate these hormones is through intense exercise that takes muscles to their limit.

NOS is the single most effective way to take a muscle to its complete physical exhaustion in MI40.

Time under tension is the biggest factor in building quality mass.

NOS start out by putting you in the exact optimal range for muscular growth via optimal Time under Tension (40-70 seconds)

8 repetitions done with a 4010 cadence (5-second reps) . For those of you unfamiliar with this cadence reference, it is very simple and there are no questions left unanswered in the MI40 workout. It means 4 seconds DOWN(negative/eccentric portion) , 0-seconds pause, 1-second explosive concentric (contraction), and then 0-second pause.

The “0’s” tend to be most confusing for people, this simply means DON’T STOP. Use continuous motion and no rest or pause at the top or bottom of the rep.

Once you have completed 8 repetitions with 5-second reps, IMMEDIATELY decrease the weight by 20% and keep going. No cheating, no extraneous movement, just strict executed form.Repeat this 20% drop in weights 2 more times for a total of 3 decreases in weight. The NOS principle is sprinkled throughout the MI40 plan

This process will take your muscle to complete physical exhaustion. The lactic acid will be uncomfortable but find comfort in knowing that more lactic acid is correlated with more growth hormone, bigger muscles and a leaner, harder physique.

The MI40

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program is by far the most advanced program out there to develop the body of your dreams.

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